Basic Info

  •   Zhiming (Jimmy) Hu
  •   Computer Software
      and Theory
  •   PhD Candidate
  •   Peking University



  • CSC Scholarship

  • Second-Class Scholarship of Peking University

  • Merit Student Prize in Peking University

  • Chancellor's Scholarship

  • Leo KoGuan Scholarship

  • Hongcai Scholarship

  • Merit Student Prize in Peking University

  • Hongcai Scholarship

  • Leader Scholarship

  • National Scholarship

  • Honorable Mention of Mathematical Contest In Modeling

  • National Encouragement Scholarship

  • Third Prize of The National College Students Composition Competition

  • Pacemaker to Merit Student Prize in Beijing Institute of Technology

  • Third Prize of Beijing Humanistic Knowledge Competition

  • National Scholarship


  • 2017~now Peking University, Computer Software and Theory, Doctor

  • 2013~2017 Beijing Institute of Technology, Optical Engineering, Bachelor

Research Interest

  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

  • Visual Attention & Human Perception

  • Human–Computer Interaction & Eye Tracking

Research Projects

  • FixationNet, 2020~now
    The goal of this research is to predict users' fixation positions in the near future for a visual search task in immersive virtual reality. Toward this goal, users' fixation data in a visual search task are collected and statistical analysis is performed to reveal the characteristics of the fixation data. A CNN-based network is proposed to predict users' fixations in the near future. In this research, I am responsible for data collection and analysis, model building, and paper writing.

  • DGaze, 2019~2020
    This project focuses on gaze analysis and prediction in dynamic virtual scenes. For this purpose, participants' eye tracking data in dynamic scenes are recorded and a dataset is built. Statistical analysis is performed to analyze users' gaze behaviors. A CNN-based model is derived for predicting gaze positions in dynamic scenes. My contribution to this research lies in the design of data collection process, statistical analysis, model building, and paper writing.


  • SGaze, 2018~2019
    This project aims at analyzing and predicting users' realtime gaze positions in static virtual scenes. To this end, users' gaze data in static scenes are collected and correction analysis is performed to reveal the correlations between gaze positions and other factors. A data-driven eye-head coordination model is proposed for realtime gaze prediction. In this project, I am in charge of experimental design, data collection, data analysis, mathematical modeling, and paper writing.



Gaze Analysis and Prediction in Virtual Reality
Zhiming Hu
Proc. IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW), 2020

DGaze: CNN-Based Gaze Prediction in Dynamic Scenes
Zhiming Hu, Sheng Li, Congyi Zhang, Kangrui Yi, Guoping Wang, Dinesh Manocha
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2020

Temporal continuity of visual attention for future gaze prediction in immersive virtual reality
Zhiming Hu, Sheng Li, Meng Gai
Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware, 2020

SGaze: A Data-Driven Eye-Head Coordination Model for Realtime Gaze Prediction
Zhiming Hu, Congyi Zhang, Sheng Li, Guoping Wang, Dinesh Manocha
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2019